Lumion 10 Pro 10.0 10.5 x64 Final

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Lumion 10 Pro 10.0 10.5 x64 Final

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Lumion 10 Pro 10.0 10.5 x64 Final | 17.19 GB
Lumion Pro Cracked able to instantly bring life to your designs with realistic landscapes, urban context and stylish effects.

It includes a new Timewarp effect in Panorama mode to use.
Requires no training and 15 minutes later you will feel like a professional designer.
Moreover, it is the easiest and fastest way to get started.
This speeds up the import of CAD-model for an outstanding result for a few hours.
It contains more than 5,000 objects, including trees and shrubs, cars and people, to make you feel your design in real-world context.
In addition, it makes the creation of the model is quite simple, importing models and adding effects to them.
This allows you to create 3D-video and even 360 panoramas of your design.
Moreover, it gives results faster than any other app for the design, available in the market.
Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly so that a beginner can also work effectively with them.
Extras. Information: Some Previous Enhancements:
Performance of the (frame rate) in the assembly operation has been greatly improved.
Sliders: "0.96" is no longer displayed as "0.10" instead of "1.0".
You can use the Cancel button until the rendering is working as it should.
In this issue Lumion Photo Mode focal length will no longer reset when the synchronization is finished, and it will save the last synchronized focal length.
This feature allows you to move the camera angle of your 3D / CAD software in the slots in the latest version of Photo Lumion.
Fixed an issue black box preview window film, photos and panoramas, which often occurs if the resolution of the screen visual editor below 100%.
SpeedRay reflection now work as well as intended for planar reflections in this version.
Many other fixes and improvements Lumion program
Other useful things the software:
It contains 39 Real Skies, and their preconfigured setup Sky Light, which are applied with one click.
In addition, it allows you to revitalize the landscaping of parks, gardens and lawns with customizable materials 3D Grass.
It has LiveSync for Rhino for modeling and rendering in real time.
It has updated by OpenStreetMap, to provide you with higher quality urban context with greater speed than ever before.

Video graphics card with the evaluation G3DMark 6000 or higher
Video card memory 3 GB or more *
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit **
Processor (CPU) Intel / AMD processor, single-threaded assessing CPUMark 2000 or higher
screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels ***
The system memory (RAM) 16 GB or more
Hard disk SATA3 SSD hard drive
Hard disk space At least 30 GB of free space on disks, on which the Windows user account and folder "Documents".
The power supply Click here to see what kind of power supply you need
(At least 80+ gold with sufficient capacity)
Features buying a new PC If you are planning to purchase a new PC, we do not recommend these minimum requirements.
To get the most out of Lumion, we recommend that you start with our recommended requirements.

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